Jia-Li Junior High School endeavors to embody the ideals of middle level education in exemplary fashion. Our philosophy and structure focus on the developmental needs of early teenagers. We seek to establish a highly challenging teaching environment that students can experience a level of academic and personal success within. Our goal is to have students begin to develop sound habits of mind and a life-long love of learning. 
     Our school of 1,443 students is divided into 3 grades, seventh, eighth and ninth grade.  A unique feature of our garde system is that each grade is run by a grade leader who meets weekly with each other.  Over three years, the Homeroom teachers for each class will have close relationships with students and parents.  Likewise, students form a strong affiliation with their teachers.  At the same time, they also have chances to develop and maintain relationships with students.
     Jia-Li Junior High School also tries to provide students with a rich experience both in and beyond the classroom.  Through numerous activities with a focus on various aspects, students can find what they are interested in and have the habist to learn more things.