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Contact Us

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Contact Jia-Li Junior High School

Mailing Address

No.523, Annan Rd., Jiali Dist., Tainan City 72259, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone Numbers

Main Phone: 886-6-7222244

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Counseling Division

Category : Counseling

IMG_0259 IMG_0258IMG_0260

Director of Counseling Division

Name : Bo, Yan-Rong
TEL : 886-6-7222244 ext 219

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General Affairs

Category : General Affairs


Director of General Affairs Division

Name : Syu, You-Jhong
TEL : 886-6-7222244 ext 217

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Student Affairs Division

Category : Students Affairs


Director of Student Affairs Division

Name :  Yu, Da- Jhong
TEL : 886-6-7222244 ext 213

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Category : Academic


Director of Educational Affairs Division

Name : Sie, Ming-Jhe
TEL : 886-6-7222244 ext 211

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Our Principal

Category : Prinicpal

IMG_3617    Chen, Jhong-Cing

Phone: 886-6-7222244#225




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School History

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     The county cultural atmosphere, style peak, especially in education, said developed. After the government moved to Taiwan, academic competition becoming increasingly fierce, then the town leaders of forty-nine years in the Republic of preparatory committee meeting, May the same year the school to purchase duly June to apply for the establishment of Yukari Hsuehchia junior division, spin Bong approved and sent to learn a junior high school dean, Mr. Lee then along the branch director. Fifty years of the Republic in August to recruit the first new six classes, the country borrowed Yukari small classroom classes, the Republic of fifty-one moved to its present site, the Republic of August 1 authorized to spend fifty-two years of independence, the school called "Tainan County Yukari junior high, "division director was sent ascending headed president. Fifty-three years the Republic of China in July the first graduate student, fifty-seven years the Republic of China government to implement "nine-year national education" school on August 1 of the same year, ordered the restructuring of "Tainan County Yukari junior high school." Republican authorized to spend six years attached middle school up to the fifteenth In 1990 students after graduation stopped resolution processing, as soon as 89 years then resume enrollment. Republican authorized to spend August 1 sixty three years to establish "Yukari Segment" August In 1977 Jiaxing Division independently "Jiaxing Tainan County junior high school." Republic of China on December 25, ninety-nine years Tainan counties merged hospital was upgraded to municipality for the restructuring of "Tainan Municipal Yukari junior high school."

After school first president Lee again carefully along the plots of the President, Mr. conscientious second President Levin water, the third co-president, Mr. Wang Cheng Fen consider its wisdom, was the fourth president Mr. Xu M size bow governance. During regardless of school buildings, equipment enrichment, reading culture of the atmosphere, have laid a good foundation. October by the President of the Republic 85 years, Mr. Ke Yinde successor, rich Kejiao Zhang experience, savvy sophistication, consider things carefully, after the performance of their duties committed to innovation, the use of resources, delayed for years to solve the problem of school expropriation. And complete equipment of the new student center provides nutritious lunch lunch nutrition health of the whole school. Greening and beautifying the campus and complete PU stadium runway, teaching environmental improvement projects, to promote sports, especially football teaching project also won the national runner-up (92), just in Band class debut nine years of the establishment of the county won champion, and the National Science test to get out of basic education achievement matched bright, but also show Ng Yuk balanced results. At the same time as the implementation of social education and provide learning opportunities for the public school, multi Ben fatigue, overcome the extremely difficult, finally stopping identified nine countries make up school enrollment recovery, thriving school and university, to enhance the image of the school, a lot of useful. August, 2004, Kexiao Chang Rong-tune the new National Engineering Battalion, the principal agent post by Mr. Chen Zhongqing August ninety four years and was replaced by Mr. Wang Mu Zhen, President Wang young, committed to innovation, in addition to actively seek up funding, administrative Xiao building converted into a towering ridge building, demolish two old school converted into a new teaching building and connected to the Shaw ridge building to make better use of space, opened up a vibrant square, the overall planning of the school band to another level. And encourage students to actively participate in various school competitions, pipe band, football, Kendo Club, club promoter, table team, cheerleaders and other student organizations of foreign award success, recently established to secure funding Broadwood classroom, so that students willing to participate in a dynamic staff activity. Wang Zhen Mu principal academic ideas to see results, awarded Jiaoyu Bu 99 National Teacher Award from the minds of students hopes to become Earth God. Yukari States under the leadership of Wang Zhen Mu principal shaping a quality education team, Yukari country in the minds of students and parents is more happiness in mind. August 2002 Mr. Chen Zhongqing one hundred resumed took over took over the post of president.

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Our Mission

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     Jia-Li Junior High School's goal is to  cultivate in its students a passion for learning and a respect for others.  Embracing diversity and the pursuit of excellence, we create a community in which individuals develop competence, confidence and character.  Our active learning environment, in and out of the classroom, develops creative and critical thinkers, unafraid to express their ideas, prepared to seek meaningful lifetime success for their own futures.